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'Tis the season for the family getaway, the reunion of friends, the long-awaited vacation. And, the heat is on to not only be the hotel or resort of choice, but to provide your guests with the experience that will bring them back year after year and send them home with rave reviews. You've prepped, you've marketed, you've budgeted. It's showtime.

Will this summer play out the way last summer did? Read the articles below to find out:

Summer season offers opportunities to drive business
By Alicia Hoisington, Today's Hotelier

This summer is proving to be hot for hoteliers’ bottom lines. Here’s what is driving business – and how you can cash in on the opportunities...
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Summer Cleaning: Chores to Help Keep Your Hotel Content Sparkling Clean.

By Ethan Brown, Director of Business Development, Sabre Hospitality

Despite the increased volume and work that the summer brings and in many ways because of it, performing some technology housekeeping will make for the best summer possible. For the first round of Summer Cleaning I recommend a content audit. (yay fun - right??) You can also use this handy checklist to help!
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Employee Spotlight
Recently, seven Revenue Matters associates had the opportunity to attend Hotel Sales and Marketing Association International’s ROC conference in Houston. Revenue Matters was actively involved in working with the advisory board to shape the content, conference session flow and I as a speaker’s coach and session facilitator—plus, our team served as room monitors for the breakout sessions. It is great to be able to re-invest in our associates and ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of the revenue management discipline. This has a direct impact on the service we can provide to our clients. We heard from great speakers and had the opportunity to network with suppliers too. We hosted a tapas night and enjoyed the company of many clients and contemporaries. Next year, the conference will be in Minneapolis and we hope to see some of you there!
Employee Spotlight
Joseph Purtill
Introducing Jill Sprankle, Director of Revenue Strategies

Jill has over 20 years of experience in hotel sales and revenue management, and possesses a strong dedication to sales leadership in meeting the challenges of running both full and select service hotel sales departments. Before joining Revenue Matters, Jill was Director of Sales for Hampton Inn & Suites, where she had great success, implementing a sales culture emphasizing profit and guest satisfaction, as well as customer service programs that increased loyalty and guest retention. Through the various positions she has held in her career, she has had the opportunity to gain experience in every sales position within major chains, including Hilton, Marriott and Wyndham. Her expertise in revenue growth, and passion for strategizing with hotel teams to increase market share and staff development has made her a key player in the ongoing success of her partnerships.

Her skills span multiple facets of the hospitality industry, including profit maximization through strategic market share growth; leadership, team building, training and motivation; and integrating sales and hotel operations to maximize profit, efficiency, morale and guest satisfaction.

Since joining Revenue Matters, Jill has enjoyed the camaraderie of being on a team, and has found that the art of multi-tasking, coupled with good time management and flexibility, are key factors when working in this often fast-paced industry.

What you may not know, but would love to find out:
  1. Jill's favorite family vacation spot is anywhere in the mountains.
  2. Jill's morning always starts with two cups of coffee, a quick game of fetch with her cat, Donald, and then right to work by 5am.
  3. At the end of a busy day, you will find Jill relaxing on the sofa with her husband watching the news (or their favorite family show, "The Middle").
  4. Jill never leaves home without her coupons! You never know when you’ll need them.
  5. If Jill had a Fairy Godmother, she would grant her more patience and more time in the day.
  6. With 3 young kids to keep her busy, Jill's favorite thing about being a mother is watching them do the things they love and knowing she is raising responsible and kind children.
  7. Jill's compassion for others and dedication to her coworkers makes her a true gift to the Revenue Matters team.

Revenue Management/Case Study

Revenue Matters provides both consultative and full-service revenue management support, armed with a team of Directors and Analysts, from all walks of the hospitality industry. Our highly personalized, comprehensive revenue management services provide the perfect fit, easily allowing our clients to scale effectively and/or continue building revenue at their properties during times of transition. Our revenue management services include:
  • Virtual Revenue Management - we provide clients with a virtual, property-specific revenue manager, along with a team of professionals, focused on offering hands-on support that is both budget-friendly and catered to the individual goals of the client.
  • Temporary Support - we provide assistance for short-term engagements relating to leave of absence, property acquisitions or transitions, allowing clients the ability to thrive and remain successful during need times.
  • Coaching and Mentoring - we provide training for talented revenue management professionals to sharpen their skills and further their careers as they navigate through the ever-changing industry.
  • Diagnostics and Strategy Development - we provide a keen set of eyes to review the effectiveness of our clients' revenue management approach and business processes through deliverables specifically designed to identify areas of need and provide recommendations for enhanced revenue performance.

Click here for a recent case study involving our engagement with one of our clients.

Call 303.690.9116 or email us at for more information.

Vendor Spotlight
up greats

Upgreats unlocks the hidden revenue potential at your property, using the industry’s most sophisticated pricing and upselling engine to make dynamic, personalized upsell offers, sent via mobile web, email, desktop and tablet—all in real time. Strategic two-way communication tools drive guests to take advantage of the amenities and upgrades of the hotel, keeping them from looking outside its doors, and ultimately boosting RevPAR and guest satisfaction. Clients have the opportunity to get to know their guests' preferences, allowing them to market in a more targeted way, building revenue year after year.

To find out more, ask your director of revenue strategy or go to:
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