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The temperatures are rising...and the heat is on. With spring in full swing and the summer season quickly approaching, travelers are on the hunt for the perfect place to spend that much-needed vacation. The competition is fierce, but with the right tools in hand, the top of that search list is more attainable than you think.

Here are some articles to help you make your move to the top.

The Hotel Amenities Travelers Really Want
Kacey Bradley, Hotel Online

In the hospitality industry, there seems to be a disconnect between what hotels think guests want, what guests think they want and what they actually use. Because people are expecting services they're used to, some amenities aren't as novel as they once were, while others go unused.
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Top 10 Trends Reshaping Hospitality in 2019

Philippe Masset, PhD, Hospitality Insights

The hospitality industry has been undergoing tremendous changes and disruptions over the last two decades. What key trends have been steadily reshaping the industry and where is hospitality heading in the near future?
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Negotiation-Based Pricing: The Future of Direct Bookings for Hotels?

Matthieu Mauguin, Hotel Online

Just as deregulation and the digital revolution gave birth to Yield Management, the current hospitality climate is ripe for disruption and innovation.
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Employee Spotlight
Southern Hospitality – it is really a thing!
Ever since I was a kid, one of my “bucket list” items has been to visit Augusta, GA and watch The Masters in person. For me, this annual professional golf tournament signals the start of Spring – and a chance to continue to improve my own skills at the game (and that doesn’t always work out!).

Thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity of my wife, I had my chance this year to walk the grounds of Augusta during the practice rounds. I expected the perfectly manicured green grass. I expected the azalea flowers to be in peak bloom. I expected the food pricing to be exceptionally low. What I didn’t expect was the incredibly welcoming hospitality. Everything was exceptionally well orchestrated (it had to be, in order to handle 50,000 spectators a day), and yet the outstanding display of hospitality was in evidence everywhere.

Although I am certain the organizers coached service providers and helped them to understand that for many (most) patrons, a single visit to The Masters is a lifetime dream come true, the translation of this concept into reality has to rest with the individual hosts. Without exception, they did an outstanding job!
Employee Spotlight
Shayla Williams
Introducing Denise Herbert, Director of Revenue Strategies

Denise is a proven hospitality leader who brings over 25 years of revenue and operations management experience with a variety of multi-brand and multi-market hotels. Denise is responsible for maximizing profitability by providing tactical, analytical, and strategic direction. She is very passionate about promoting a culture of high performance which has won her many awards in both hotels and multi-housing. She attended the University of Phoenix, earned CHRM and CHIA designations, and holds certifications for both leadership and project management.

What you may not know, but would love to find out:
  1. At the end of a busy workday, you will find Denise attending one of her kids’ activities or cooking the family dinner.
  2. An ideal vacation for Denise always includes family, the dogs and the ocean.
  3. In her free time, Denise enjoys taking pics! Capturing a moment when it is least expected.
  4. If Denise could have one super power, it would be teleportation.
  5. Top on Denise's playlist is Dierks Bentley.
  6. As a mother, Denise finds the most joy in laughter! One of her favorite quotes is, “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter” ~ e.e. cummings.

Charity Spotlight
Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy
Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

With six weeks done, we are more than half way through our fitness challenge and hot on our quest to provide support to the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, and the importance of providing children, as well as their parents, with the resources they need to read and write. So far, we have walked over 2,500 miles and donated over $900 toward the ongoing success of the foundation, including providing 22 elementary students with all six books on their wish lists through the My Home Library.
Vendor Spotlight
Aspire Marketing

Aspire is an internationally recognized brand for 25 years that builds profits from the inside out. It focuses on the hidden potential within a company by promoting change and development among its team members. By strengthening the environment and relationships within a company, Aspire successfully maximizes potential, resulting in increased profitability and market share. Among the services provided are sales and guest experience training, leadership development, and quality assurance calls.

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