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As summer draws to a close and the winds of change draw near, it is the perfect time to take a moment and step back, examine the days past, and prepare for the days to come. Budgets are planned, or are in the process of being finalized, and new endeavors are being set. The world is your oyster...

Here are some articles to get you prepared for what's to come in 2020.

Top Hospitality Trends and Predictions for 2020
Trivago Business Blog

The hospitality industry is ever-growing and increasingly competitive. With emerging technologies and rising guests’ expectations continually shaping it, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends. Let’s take a look at the hospitality trends for 2020 to help you plan for the next year.
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Who is the Hotel Guest of 2020?

Hotel Technology News

The hospitality industry is currently going through a period of significant change and will look very different in 2020. Ever-changing technology means that the expectations of hotel guests are constantly evolving. What technology will the hotels of the future need to adopt in order to deliver a top-quality guest experience?
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2020: A Vision for Revenue Management in the Next Decade

Trevor Stuart-Hill, President and Founder of Revenue Matters

As we quickly approach the year 2020, I thought it would be an opportune time to highlight some of the key challenges and opportunities that those involved in revenue management will likely be grappling with in this coming decade.
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Employee Spotlight
This August, Kathryn and I had the opportunity to spend some time with Kerry Koepping from Providence Hospitality Partners in Ilulissat in Greenland. Apart from his work as a hotel operator, Kerry, a prize-winning professional photographer is actively involved in the Arctic Arts Project as its Director. You can find out more about the Arctic Arts Project by going to

As an avid amateur photographer, it was thrilling to set sail each evening to explore and visually document the gigantic icebergs that emerge from Ilulissat Fjord and make their way into the Atlantic. In fact, scientists believe that it was an iceberg originating from this fjord that abruptly ended the Titanic’s voyage that fateful night in 1912.

Employee Spotlight
Amanda Slade
Introducing Amanda Slade, Director of Revenue Strategies

With a deep understanding of both operations and revenue management, Amanda is well positioned to support our clients as director of revenue strategies. In the past 15 years, Amanda has gained experience working with luxury resorts, city-center hotels, and select service properties.

She has previously worked for Loews Hotels, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Disney Resorts, and multiple independent properties where she was able to bring her experience and expertise to provide leadership, improve guest satisfaction scores, and implement efficient, cost-saving technology and business processes for the benefit of each property.

Since becoming a member of the Revenue Matters team, Amanda has learned how well a team can work even if they are not in the same office - communication and feedback is so key! And, that everything gets better with practice and patience. The art of communication through a phone call and not being able to read the physical reactions of your audience can be challenging, but once you get to know the team you work with and build a great relationship, you can anticipate their needs and responses to be a great partner for their goals. She is also enjoying the freedom of a more flexible schedule to allow time for what’s important - family time and dog time! 

What you may not know, but would love to find out:
  1. Amanda's favorite thing to do when the weather starts to cool down is watch Penn State football with her husband and enjoy a good craft brew around a fire pit.
  2. As a dog lover, you will often find Amanda going on walks around the pond in her neighborhood and giving them lots of treats!
  3. Amanda's favorite vacation spot is the lake or the mountains.
  4. The perfect weekend for Amanda always involves time with her husband, whenever possible, and trying new restaurants, particularly breweries in the New England area.
  5. A must-have on any menu for Amanda is any kind of bbq, particularly pulled pork, or if it’s a seafood place, scallops…yum!
  6. If Amanda could rub shoulders with a famous figure, it would be the lead singer of Godsmack, Sully Erna. She lives in the same town as him, so she is always hoping to run into him at the grocery store. Amanda has been particularly lucky to meet many people over the years, especially when she lived in Nashville, where stars had the ability to be themselves and walk around the hotels and town without worrying. She thinks it would be really great to meet Ellen and talk to her about how much she gives back to people and tries to spread kindness and joy to so many.

Company Spotlight
Revenue Matters Retreat 2019

Revenue Matters is off to DC and Gettysburg for its annual retreat in October. As we continue to cultivate the relationships between our employees, we take an opportunity each year to meet face-to-face, to examine our strengths and weaknesses and find new and innovative ways to better serve our valued clients. And, what better way to do this than in two places, where leadership and strength come together, and the promise of a better future provides hope for all.
Vendor Spotlight
Knowland Group
Knowland Group

Since 2004, Knowland Group has been the premier provider of sales solutions, with the largest source of meetings market intelligence data. By combining powerful analytics with the industry’s largest historical database of actualized events (MICE Market), customers benefit from its comprehensive toolset to connect them with the insights that drive more revenue, accelerate the sales cycle, and optimize processes. Among the solutions Knowland provides are an understanding of past group booking behaviors, tools to increase market share, the identification of new customers through innovative research and the ability to access group data from around the world, ultimately transforming the group sales process.

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