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Wow, it has been a very interesting 1st quarter. Starwood's impending acquisition by Marriott points to the desire on Marriott's part to scale and wrestle back control of customer experience from 3rd party intermediaries. Hilton's "stop clicking around" campaign combined with Marriott's "Members Get More by Booking Direct" campaign underscores an intense desire to drive direct bookings. Meanwhile, Google and TripAdvisor are ramping up their travel booking capabilities on the bottom end of the travel-planning funnel while simultaneously focusing on their core value proposition at the top end. Also look for new initiatives on the part of OTA's to drive loyalty in the months ahead. Which of these initiatives will gain momentum in the future and which will fizzle (or perhaps more accurately – morph) remains to be seen; however, they do bring to light the need for hospitality operators of all shapes and sizes to remain alert to opportunities and to avoid costly mistakes. This issue is dedicated to the topic of revenue management and we are honored to serve our revenue management clients by helping them navigate through this ever-changing landscape.

Trevor Stuart-Hill, President
Trevor Stuart-Hill
Employee Spotlight
Revenue Matters
Introducing Jason Edwards, Sr. Director of Revenue Strategies

Jason began his career with Revenue Matters in August of 2015, bringing over twenty years of hospitality experience to the team. He previously played the role of Director of Revenue Strategy for Summit Hospitality Group, Ltd, where he provided leadership and insight into the revenue strategies of 18 hotels, lead a team of Revenue Analysts and collaborated with company executives and property employees to improve their revenue, profit and performance. He currently utilizes his expertise in working closely with Revenue Matters' brand clients - Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and Starwood, providing both leadership and education in the area of revenue management, and assisting them in reaching their potential in the world of hospitality.

Since joining the Revenue Matters team, Jason has:

1) Developed relationships to expand business with partners who have branded hotels
2) Lead education of brand standards
3) Is currently working with a group of North Carolina based hospitality professionals to start a NC Chapter of HSMAI

His forward thinking and keen ability to identify process improvement and technology solutions, coupled with his ability to easily adapt and collaborate with clients, makes him a powerhouse in the revenue management industry. On a personal note, Jason is a DIY guru when it comes to both his house and yard; and he enjoys starting each day with a good workout.
Service Spotlight
Revenue Management

Our tagline reads, "Profit from Experience," a mantra we are dedicated to in serving our clients. Our goal is to use our expertise in the field of revenue management to proactively generate revenue for our clients by identifying, analyzing and reporting on effective revenue management strategies, resulting in a positive impact on asset value.
Our revenue management services include:
  • Virtual Revenue Management - we provide clients with a virtual, property-specific revenue manager, along with a team of professionals, focused on offering hands-on support that is both budget-friendly and catered to the individual goals of the client.
  • Temporary Support - we provide assistance for short-term engagements relating to leave of absence, property acquisitions or transitions, allowing clients the ability to thrive and remain successful during need times.
  • Coaching and Mentoring - we provide training for talented revenue management professionals to sharpen their skills and further their careers as they navigate through the highly evolving industry.
  • Diagnostics and Strategy Development - we provide a keen set of eyes to review the effectiveness of our clients' revenue management approach and business processes through deliverables specifically designed to identify areas of need and provide recommendations for enhanced revenue performance.

We are continuously evolving to provide our clients with services they value. Currently, we support several hospitality management companies that have such brands as Marriott, Hilton and Starwood within their portfolios. Our services provide the perfect fit, easily allowing our clients to scale effectively and/or continue building revenue at their properties during times of transition.

Our highly personalized, comprehensive revenue management services are key to a client's success - looking into the PAST...taking control of the PRESENT...preparing for the FUTURE.

Call 303.690.9116 or email us at for more information.

Vendor Spotlight

Dedicated to driving guests to book directly from your website, Triptease offers a suite of products that engage with your guests, reassuring them that it is best to book direct. Not only do they provide customer-engagement tools, but they also provide the ability to track every single disparity, as well as the behavior of all guests, to allow clients to take full control of their bookings.

Products include:
  • Price Check - an on-site price comparison tool showing live prices from three OTAs on a hotel's website.
  • Online Segmentation - insight into the effective segmentation of web visitors, including guest behavior and their stage in the buying process, so to deliver a timely, effective message to ensure a direct booking.
  • Enchantment Messaging - a powerful reminder that booking direct is best, that appears when a consumer might be about to abandon your site.
  • Data Platform - the ability to track parity issues in real-time.

To find out more, go to

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