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Budgeting season is upon us and is the big topic of conversation in our industry. In our recent blog post, "Top 10 Tips for Room Revenue Budgeting," we help to provide some insight into the budgeting process to make it just a bit easier.

Below are also some timely articles that may be of interest - One in particular "How Leading Indicators Can (and Can't) Predict RevPAR", reveals some science behind key economic drivers and their relative influence on hotel performance.

How Leading Indicators Can (and Can't) Predict RevPAR
By Terence Baker, Hotel News Now

Academia and hotel-industry experience have come together to try to divine how the use of economic indicators can lead to better predictions of future revenue per available room.

Speaking at a Hotel Data Conference panel titled "Leading indicators of revenue per available room," Woody Kim, Ph.D., professor at the Dedman School of Hospitality, Florida State University, and Steve Hood, SVP, research, STR, analyzed commonly and not-so-commonly looked-at economic indicators and what effect they might have on predicting RevPAR. Read More
Giving Leadership - The Best Return on Investment for Your Hotel
By David Lund, Hospitality Leadership Expert, The Hotel Financial Coach

Hospitality Financial leadership is about making a new connection to the skills, talents and passion that managers have with guest service and college engagement and attaching that connection directly to their third power – their financial power. Read More
Revenue Strategies for Boutique Hotels
By Robert Rauch, President RAR Hospitality

The market is poised for boutique hotels to make an impact on the hotel industry like they never have before. With an expected soft landing of the economy in 2017 (2-3 percent RevPAR growth max) it is more important than ever for independent hotels to ensure that they have proper revenue strategies in place. Read More
Employee Spotlight
Revenue Matters
Introducing Lisa Dhunjishaw, Distribution Manager

Since joining Revenue Matters, Lisa has embraced the company's principals and philosophies in her quest to ensure our business processes and reporting are carried out in a timely and accurate manner for both our Directors of Revenue Management and our clients. She is also instrumental in ensuring that our distribution channel content, including photography, rates, inventory, packages and special offers are merchandized effectively. She is our "Go-to" when difficult questions and challenges arise, allowing her to put her experience to work and support our team of Analysts with streamlined reporting, distribution, and systems processes for our diverse clientele.
  1. When it comes to sports teams, Lisa is always rooting for the Denver Broncos!
  2. On the weekends, you will see Lisa trying to keep up with her kids.
    (Lacrosse and Swimming dominate the Dhunjishaw household!)
  3. Top on Lisa's wish list is to once again live near the ocean.
  4. If Lisa could go anywhere in the world, it would be somewhere tropical with a good book
    and a warm breeze.
  5. Lisa's favorite all-time movie is You've Got Mail.
  6. Lisa admits to having quite a sweet tooth and is always willing to indulge in…
    well, anything sweet!
  7. One of the best things about Lisa is her kind heart, friendly spirit and her willingness
    to always be there when you need her.
Service Spotlight
Email Marketing

Leave the details to us and have your professionally designed email launched quickly and easily. Our talented graphic designers will create a unique, eye-catching backdrop to display your message, utilizing three types of email design: static, movement and flash.

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Vendor Spotlight

The success of a hotel or resort is in large part due to meeting, or even exceeding, the expectations of your guests. Often times, the true experience of your guests is revealed after they have left. With Helix, you have the ability to check in with your guests during their stay, immediately notifying your staff of any unhappy guests or service failures, so you have the opportunity to turn their experience around before they depart. In addition, those guests that are happy with their experience are given the opportunity to leave a review, ultimately increasing your position on review sites like Tripadvisor. Helix makes it possible for hotels and resorts to reach their guests in real time, and to seamlessly work together to provide the best possible experience for everyone.

To find out more, go to:

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