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What is it that keeps us motivated? Some might say that it's the desire to stay ahead of the game, the desire to be at the top of the list, the desire to be ready for anything. Of course, keeping up-to-date on current trends is always a hot topic for summer, whether it be following the latest beach fashions, cooking up the hottest dishes of the season, or, in the case of the hotelier, finding that perfect strategy to optimize property performance.

Here are a few articles that provide further insight into the latest trends of the hospitality industry.

Hotel Trends for 2017
By Lennart Kooy, Associate Partner TOPHOTELMEDIA

Every year, trends sweep across the global hospitality industry, bringing big changes for the business, operators, and the travelers that patronize their establishments. This year will be no different.

These Major Trends Are Changing the Hospitality Industry, as You Know It

By Jos Schaap, Founder and CEO of StayNTouch

In the hospitality industry, the only thing that's constant is change. It's clear you can't talk about the hospitality industry these days without talking about disruption. As a hotelier, you need to constantly keep your pulse on emerging trends to avoid disappointing guests and falling behind competitors. The priority no longer lies in only increasing the number of guests you attract, but rather improving their experience to keep them coming back—whether it be online, on-property or across different touchpoints. Here are the three important changes that'll make (and continue to make) a big impact on the hotel landscape.

Wordly Travels
Ireland – The Friendly Island.
On a recent trip through the southern part of Ireland, I was struck by the expression of genuine hospitality we encountered by everyone – not just those directly involved in the tourism industry. And, it wasn’t forced, it was just a natural part of the Irish culture.

The Cliffs of Moher were a highlight and absolutely spectacular. They tower over the Eastern Atlantic (600 feet in some spots), without a hint of a guardrail or barrier to protect “selfie” posers from slipping over the edge.

There is something about the accountability that comes from not having a “safety barrier” in our interactions with others. Friendly interactions with guests, for example, shouldn’t be forced, nor should it be left up to the “front line” associates to “deal” with guests. A direct correlation exists between market power and guest satisfaction, so incorporating a bit of the Irish way of doing things into our hospitality operations will serve us well.
Employee Spotlight
Revenue Matters
Introducing Melissa Gallagher, Director of Revenue Strategies

Melissa brings a broad range of experience in the hotel industry and a passion for seeking out new revenue streams and enhancing existing relationships to drive property performance. Beginning her career with Expedia Inc., she quickly developed a keen insight into how to best work with third parties such as Expedia and Melissa also has an extensive background in e-commerce – helping hotels grow top line revenues through successful email, website and social media campaigns. Her successes in managing social media campaigns for the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago led to the opportunity to launch the corporate eCommerce department for Crescent Hotels & Resorts – a hotel management company with 65 hotels across every major brand, including several independents. One of her proudest achievements was leading the revenue team at Commune Hotels & Resorts in the opening of the new Thompson Chicago Hotel (Conde Nast “Reader’s Choice” Top 10 in the U.S. / Top 100 in the World), which ramped up occupancy at twice the average for new hotels, and at an average daily rate of 100-115% of the hotel’s competitive set.

Since joining the Revenue Matters team, Melissa has enjoyed broadening her knowledge of the international wholesale market, has passed her CRME exam with flying colors and has been grateful to have the opportunity to utilize her passion for teaching and training new revenue managers.

What you may not know, but would love to find out:
  1. Melissa's favorite outdoor activity is rooftop yoga.
  2. The one accessory Melissa cannot do without is her headphones – she is a podcast junkie!
  3. Melissa can be quite competitive, especially when she's playing cards (euchre).
  4. The best concert Melissa has ever attended is Taylor Swift - she is one of her biggest fans!
  5. Melissa's favorite dinner menus always include sushi or a juicy cheeseburger.
  6. If Melissa could take a selfie with a movie star of her choice, it would definitely be Jennifer Lawrence – she thinks she is hysterical!
  7. Melissa is one of those people with an ease for conversation and always adds a lot of laughter and fun to any situation.

Service Spotlight
Revenue Management Best Practices

In order for a Revenue Management system to be a success the organization needs to have a firm revenue management foundation in place. A firm foundation includes the following:
  • A culture of revenue management – which means alignment from front line associates to the executive team and ownership.
  • Accuracy of reservation data and competitive intelligence to generate quality decision-making.
  • Consistent proven business practices and reporting.
  • A properly trained individual to interact with the systems.
As a client of Revenue Matters, we ensure all this is possible by assigning a director of revenue strategies to your property who is supported by a team of professionals, utilizing both industry expertise and a comprehensive toolset designed specifically with you in mind.

Call 303.690.9116 or email us at for more information.
Vendor Spotlight

FairPlanner online is your web-based profit and loss planning and controlling software for creating comprehensive and transparent hotel budgets and forecasts, with detailed revenue, payroll and material costs planning. Benefit from the unique transparency and efficiency for your planning and controlling processes. Automatic consolidation of all corporate data are the sound basis for your strategic business decisions.

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